Welcome To Children of Promise

After School Program

6378 Centre Avenue
412-849-0875 / COPASP.COM

Sharon Lee Myers/Executive Director

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Pre & Post Testing  Field Trips   Homework Assistance   Social Skills Training   

Snacks & Dinner

Arts & Craft



There are four components of the
Children of Promise After School Program:

1) Academic Support Program:   
 Students receive assistance in subjects such as Reading & Math., We provide a quiet space to do homework with help from trained tutors. 

2)  Enrichment Activities:
Activities will differ depending on the developmental needs of the children and youth we serve. Students may participate in classes such as Arts and Crafts, Music, Community Service, Board Games, Karate, Golf, Tennis, Pottery, Photography and more.

3) Literacy and Math Development:
All students will be required to participate in literacy and math enrichment activities on a daily basis.  The instruction will be provided by certified teaches, tutors and volunteers.

4) Technology Access:
Computers and access to the Internet provide tremendous opportunities for after school learning to reinforce reading, math and writing skills as well as to complete homework and school assignments. All of our students will participate in technology activities and provided access to computers, educational software and the Internet.

  5)  Calendar Start & Ending Times:
Our programs will start at the beginning of the school year and we will conclude in early June.pe your paragraph here.